Florida to Sebelius – Do Something

Frustrated over the failure of HHS to comply with the law and stockpile KI, 13 members of the Florida delegation have asked Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to reconsider her dangerous policy of pretending evacuation is the key to protecting Americans facing a nuclear crisis. Led by Rep. Bill Young (R-FL) and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), the bipartisan group pointed out the factual flaws underlying her policy, the impracticalities of evacuation for Florida, and the absurdity of arguing that only those who live within a 10 miles of a nuclear facility are at risk from an accident or a terrorist attack.

The ridiculousness of her position is even more apparent now that the Department of Homeland Security has announced that if there is a nuclear emergency, people will not be allowed to evacuate for as long as 72 hours while the government decides what to do. Amazingly, here’s what appears to be the Secretary’s current position: we’ll evacuate you – just not in time.

The 13 Florida members got it right. Secretary Sebelius, it’s time to fix this ridiculous policy.

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