312 Days and Florida Letter Still Hostage at HHS

It’s been 312 days, and Secretary Sebelius is still holding hostage  a letter from thirteen members of the House of Representatives asking her to reconsider her refusal to stockpile KI for all Americans.  Even the disaster in Japan, where the government was frantic to buy KI, the resulting panic in this country, and massive orders from other countries, haven’t been enough to make the Secretary even admit the letter exits.

In fairness, she has been busy.  Just this last week, she had to attend the annual convention of Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, and she also had to choose winners in her Department-wide awards contest for innovative federal agencies.  We’re guessing the folks that answer letters  from Congress didn’t win.  Then again, maybe they did.

It’s common knowledge that this Administration is outright contemptuous when it comes to Congress, but 312 days may be modern record for indifference.  Plus, this wasn’t a case of a Democrat ignoring Republicans.  Nearly half the signatories were Democrats.  Apparently, Florida is not going to be part of the Obama Administration’s reelection calculus.

Here’s a copy of the letter:Delegtion letter to Sebelius

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