Hope and Change or Just More of the Same?

     Every week we get an email asking the same question – what will it take to convince the federal government to finally stockpile KI?  Unfortunately, so far, the answer appears to be nothing.  Apparently, the nuclear disaster in Japan was not the wake-up call some had thought. The same appears true with recent reports of serious problems at some of our nation’s most prominent nuclear facilities and the discovery that the government’s evacuation plans are dangerously out-of-date.

     Of course, everyone agrees something must be done, yet somehow, despite all this pervasive unanimity, nothing ever happens.  The U.S. Senate announced it was working on drafting new legislation to address the horrible gaps in the country’s capabilities; it even held hearings, but that was months ago.  Today, no bill has even been introduced let alone put to a vote.  Worse, the Obama Administration, like its predecessor, appears content to gamble nothing will happen on its watch. Let the next Administration fix the problem.  After all, the reasoning goes, the nuclear industry is accident-proof, right?  And, if the public felt differently, they’d let us know.

     So, for now, until the public says otherwise, there’s not much hope for change in Washington, D.C.  When it comes to KI, America, we’re on our own.

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