About Us

Americans for Radiation Safety was formed by a group of concerned citizens who believe that Americans deserve to be protected, not lied to. Some of us support nuclear power. Others oppose it. But we all agree that accidents can happen, some by misfortune, others by the hand of man. It doesn’t matter whether it’s intentional or not. The consequences are the same.

Our objective is simple – full implementation of the policies recommended by the National Academy of Sciences. Specifically the federal government should locally stockpile KI throughout the country so it can be accessed immediately in case of an emergency. The cost would be minimal. The cost of continuing to do nothing is astronomical.

Founding Members:
Captain John O’Ryan (USMC, ret), Palm Harbor, Florida
Stanley Jacob, Sarasota, Florida
William Rosen, New York, New York
Naomi Halpern, attorney, Washington, D.C.
Brian DeMuth, attorney, Coal City, Illinois
Jon Eller, economist, Chicago, Illinois
Sarah Cooper, consultant, San Francisco, California
Seth Marshall, attorney, Cashiers, North Carolina
Hans Kastensmith, CEO, Evolution Energy, Aldie, Virginia


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